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Beautiful Digital Video Game Artwork

By Justin Currie | Find some of these prints for sale via Society6

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can we get more insecure vegeta pls ?? it's cuteeee
nordicninja nordicninja Said:


ok sure. insecure vegeta is cutest vegeta

i think he’s mostly insecure about really normal day to day things, which makes it even funnier, considering he’s been battling space overlords and exploding planets most of his life. now he’s worried about his kids liking him as much as their mom or something. but maybe thats where it comes from actually. he knows about destroying civilizations and punching people in the face but he has absolutely no practice being the head of a family (well, bulma is the head of the family but that’s what he tells himself) so he gets really confused and anxious about a myriad of random things. he’s like “will my kid hate me if they know half the things i’ve done. bra has stopped eating in public because people call her a fatty, what the hell am i supposed to do i can’t force feed her like a goose or kill every client at a restaurant just so she can swallow a tiny salad. or maybe i should ?? i probably should. are you supposed to let your kids believe in santa. what the fuck even is santa. bulma hasn’t told me she loves me lately. does she still love me. she better still fucking love me and just be too busy to let me know. i’ll give her the needy eyes tonight that usually get the words out. will trunks stop being a moody bastard one of these days. bulma says he’s just a teen but when i was a teen i just blew up anything that annoyed me instead of bitching at it. my way was better and less annoying. i miss happy go lucky and kinda stupid trunks. this trunks reminds me of future trunks. i don’t like it. i don’t like seeing him sad. even if he’s just being bitchy. did future trunks even liked me a little. he probably didn’t. hell he would be crazy to. wait does trunks like me a little ? and does bra ? i dont remember the last time they told me they loved me. i know they’re not 4 year old anymore but still. what a bunch of ungrateful bastards. what should i do. i can’t fucking give them the needy eyes. if they don’t like me anymore they’re going to take kakarrot as a father figure. i know it. i should kill kakarrot before it’s too late. wait no that won’t make them like me more. that’s counter productive. i have a headache. im gonna lie down on the couch and watch tv i dont even care anymore. wait why is trunks hugging me. why is bra giving me flowers while eating 10 mcdonalds menus. why is bulma telling me she loves me. what do you mean we’re going to a restaurant to celebrate our 10 years anniversary. what have i done to deserve this. explain how this work god DAMNIT THIS FAMILY IS SO CONFUSING”


I have literally been waiting for this gifset for all time

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Some more workouts. 

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Now that Lucy is number one at the box office.


Can’t take credit for this, but I love the quip that writers who use the 10% of the brain trope are using 100% of their talent.

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In Jennifer Haley’s play, adults adopt child avatars to enact fantasies of illicit sex – raising issues around freedom of expression and the pernicious influence of explicit material. Matt Trueman reports







Real talk is flowing from his mouth like a damn fountain.

sick sick sick burns

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agentrodgers didn’t like how I made my sandwich.

you put jelly on one side of the bread and peanut butter on the other. that’s an abomination and at least I know how to make a proper sandwich

How else would one make a pb&j? Like do you put them on the same slice of bread? I am so confused?

She should show us how to make one since she is just SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!


first you need your two slices of bread but as opposed to putting the peanut butter on one side, like some kind of animal, you’re going to put it on both

next you can slap your jelly of choice on and spread that shit it

now you can put the bread together and bag the sandwich for a meal later on

by making the sandwich like this, it stops the jelly from seeping through one side of the bread and making it all soggy when you eat it. I had to pack my lunch through the majority of school and that means having the sandwich sit in a bag for a solid 5 hours before I get to eat it and if you only put the jelly on one side, it’s going to bleed through the bread and be nasty but the peanut butter creates a buffer so it’s in prime condition

Dude black widow showed me how to make a sandwich

You’re welcome, citizen

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